01 March 2019


Does anyone like going to the dentist? Not me. 
The sun was setting as I drove home with an aching jaw. Feeling sorry for myself, I watched birds on electricity wires cheeping out goodnights. Noticing a dark mass in the distance, I stopped the car. What sounded like a squawk fest became louder. I pointed my camera at fading clouds. The cockies were coming.

With an ear-splitting noise, there must have been 300 or more. Suddenly I forgot about forgetting to floss. My mouth stopped feeling tender from the instruments of torture that picked and pecked my gums an hour earlier. 
I swallowed as cockatoos whooshed overhead.  Feeling great, feeling fine; I loved the look of a sky filled with parrots. No time to focus, they flew by in a blur of wings at alternate angles. 
Yellow hatted white angels streamed past, darkening the sunset with so many erratic silhouettes. It was a David Attenborough Worthy Bird-life Moment.
In a minute, my dental downer was over. No more pain, just a jaw dropping low to the ground in wonder like a kid at their first circus.
Gazing at Sulphur-crested Cockatoos in flight I’ve come to believe even dark (dental hygiene) clouds can have a silver lining. 

This blog is called birdlifesaving, but sometimes I’m only saving photos and the birds save me.


  1. M.Fuda30 March

    What a beautiful story Therese. The writing, photos and video beautifully captures the wonders, beauty and healing power of nature. I love how it healed your dental pain. It is so well written. Makes me wish i was there. I love it

    1. Thank you Mary, they say being out in nature takes your mind of negative things. I think it works when I'm watching the birds too. Birds seem to flutter into my life and I end up thinking the world isn't such a bad place after all. Love Therese.