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18 February 2020

61. Rainbows in the Rain

Swarms of bees, wasps, hornets and ants surrounded the house last month. Looking to move their hives or nests closer to water, they sent me gaga. 

09 October 2019

48. The Wagtail and the Wallaby

Willie Wagtails are aggressive when breeding. The Willie that’s lived in our front yard for 3 years is nesting now. She wanted a drink and harassed a wallaby to get one.

16 March 2019


I’m not really a birder, not an authentic bird watcher. The binoculars mostly stay in their case. I see birds with the naked eye when I’m gardening, or inside through the windows without curtains.

No authority on breeds or types; I’m not even a member of the local bird society. I flirted with the idea of becoming a proper twitcher when I passed a dam on the dirt road to town years ago.
Google image of some serious bird enthusiasts.