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07 February 2023



After trying, waiting, and sitting eggs all summer long for a decade, my peahen has finally produced two fledgling peachicks.

08 October 2020

82. Feathering the Nest

In spring
birds fly two by two
dancing on branches
bobbing and bowing
nest building
finding feathers
for beds
for eggs
to nestle nestlings
the babes to be
and chicks

01 April 2020

65. Nest in a Toolbox: Part 2

In my previous post, I said we were in for hard times, for sorrow and sad times. This week I lost my mother, the dearest woman in the world to me.

25 March 2020

64. Nest in a Toolbox

“Life is always a rich and steady time while you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.” Charlotte’s Web E.B White

This is not a steady time but one of rapid and radical change. 
Even so, I can’t wait for hatch-day.  

It won’t be long, nearly time now.