27 May 2020

72. Blue Bonnet Babes

Winter started early with icy rain instead of sun. Things brightened up when I saw a family group of Fairy Wrens that live at the house though.

15 May 2020

71. Chick Number 2

The second Grey Shrike-thrush to hatch was the piggy in the middle. Not the largest, it emerged from the egg the day after the first. An expert at craning her neck over the top of the smallest chick, it was fed twice as much, doing whatever it could to ensure it would survive.

28 April 2020

69. Chick Number 1

When Greedy first flopped out of the nest, he immediately flew 20 metres out of the garage. Directly into daylight over our driveway, he seemed shocked, simultaneously running out of steam and having a crisis of confidence. 

24 April 2020

68. Wagtails in the Wilderness

I’d been walking near the house, but needed to go further away. Three weeks of staying home meant I had a bit of cabin fever.

12 April 2020

67. Happy Easter Chicks

In a house on a hill on a farm, there’s a garage. In that garage, there’s a nest in a toolbox.

01 April 2020

65. Nest in a Toolbox: Part 2

In my previous post, I said we were in for hard times, for sorrow and sad times. This week I lost my mother, the dearest woman in the world to me.