19 October 2019

50. C'mon Rosie

I thought there was something wrong with the bird. With its eyes closed and tail bent underneath it could have been sick.  Parrot tails always extend straight out in line with the body; this one was different. 

15 October 2019

49. Peacock Blues: Part 1

Poppy is a peahen that flew in one winter morning and decided to stay. The old girl follows me around the yard every day. She believes I produce food at will; I believe she’s lonely.

09 October 2019

48. The Wagtail and the Wallaby

Willie Wagtails are aggressive when breeding. The Willie that’s lived in our front yard for 3 years is nesting now. She wanted a drink and harassed a wallaby to get one.

04 October 2019

47. A Goanna and the Double-barred Flock

Bird watching this week, I was getting too hot outside. Dead grass crackled behind me. I turned to see a monster. Its tongue flickered. It froze, glared and considered what to do. 

28 September 2019

46. The Rose Hillers

Nearly 200 years ago, an early English settler saw colourful birds near Sydney in a little place called Rose Hill. He called the birds with black, white, navy, green, yellow, red and royal blue feathers a ‘Rose Hiller’, and it stuck. Aussies love dropping the H and shortening names; after a bit the bird became the Rosella.

14 September 2019

03 September 2019


I had a new job as a commercial radio announcer in north Queensland. Bernie, my pet Budgerigar, was beside me as I drove to the tropics.

31 August 2019


The car needs servicing, the annoying reminder to get the oil changed lights up each time the engine is started. Unfortunately, my husband promised I could make it to the city dealership  before 9 am.