25 January 2020

60. Perfect Preening

We had a new India Blue Peacock. Mr Popples liked hiding in the back garden; but popped his blue head up every once in a while to surprise me. In the garage he blocked me from driving to work. Demanding food for rite of passage, he became the gatekeeper. The bird was out of favour. Then I saw him preening. 

04 January 2020

59. Saving Baby in the Sink

Mum always says I should start the new year like I mean to continue. The 1st of January 2020 I saved a bird. Not just any bird, but a fledgling of the Pizza-oven bucket-bird I love. If I continue saving birds for 1% of the next 9 years and 364 days, I’ll be happy.

31 December 2019

58. The Bird Who Saved Christmas

I usually love Christmas. This year there’s been a smoke cloud over the season to be jolly. Bushfires on or near our farm meant I didn’t look forward to the day; no cooking or decorating either. Instead, I worried and made myself miserable. The Christmas spirit never hit.

23 December 2019

57. Fire, Smoke, Birds and Beasts

A thunderstorm on December 10th produced no rain. Bolts of lightning struck the ground and 4 fires started instead. Twelve days on, 2 bushfires are still blazing with no sign of when they’ll be put out. It might be months.

16 December 2019

56. Peacock Blues: Part 2

                                                       ‘Oh, he’s beautiful.’ 

06 December 2019

23 November 2019

54. The Rainbow's Proposal

Looking out at sunset, the last rays of the day hit gold. The bird’s head was lit, shining like precious metal. This is the one I’d been watching and waiting for. My favourite bird-the Rainbow Bee-eater.

Two years ago, when I was flirting with bird-watching, there was a wow moment. Watering pot plants I looked up to see a bright coloured bird swoop through the air snatching a bee on the wing.

07 November 2019

53. A Musky Green Leek

I needed to buy milk and bread on my way home from work. Because of scorching weather, I parked under a Silky Oak opposite the supermarket. As I stepped out of the car, pieces of orange toothbrush flowers fell in my hair. Something was up.