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29 November 2023


In early February 2 tiny peachicks hatched at my place.

Pea 1 and Pea 2 look up to their mum about 20000 times a day.

04 October 2019

47. A Goanna and the Double-barred Flock

Bird watching this week, I was getting too hot outside. Dead grass crackled behind me. I turned to see a monster. Its tongue flickered. It froze, glared and considered what to do. 

28 September 2019

46. The Rose Hillers

Nearly 200 years ago, an early English settler saw colourful birds near Sydney in a little place called Rose Hill. He called the birds with black, white, navy, green, yellow, red and royal blue feathers a ‘Rose Hiller’, and it stuck. Aussies love dropping the H and shortening names; after a bit the bird became the Rosella.