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29 November 2023


In early February 2 tiny peachicks hatched at my place.

Pea 1 and Pea 2 look up to their mum about 20000 times a day.

07 February 2023



After trying, waiting, and sitting eggs all summer long for a decade, my peahen has finally produced two fledgling peachicks.

14 October 2020

84. The Swallow Sagas - Part 1

Welcome Swallows are the most prolific and resilient birds I know. A flock of them breed permanently at my farm house, getting through to the eaves. 

08 October 2020

82. Feathering the Nest

In spring
birds fly two by two
dancing on branches
bobbing and bowing
nest building
finding feathers
for beds
for eggs
to nestle nestlings
the babes to be
and chicks

21 June 2020

74. Chick Number 3

Life is tenuous. All life, but particularly wildlife, and bird life too.
On the morning I went to check if the last Grey Shrike Thrush had left the nest, I almost killed it.

15 May 2020

71. Chick Number 2

The second Grey Shrike-thrush to hatch was the piggy in the middle. Not the largest, it emerged from the egg the day after the first. An expert at craning her neck over the top of the smallest chick, it was fed twice as much, doing whatever it could to ensure it would survive.

28 April 2020

69. Chick Number 1

When Greedy first flopped out of the nest, he immediately flew 20 metres out of the garage. Directly into daylight over our driveway, he seemed shocked, simultaneously running out of steam and having a crisis of confidence. 

12 April 2020

67. Happy Easter Chicks

In a house on a hill on a farm, there’s a garage. In that garage, there’s a nest in a toolbox.

14 September 2019

14 May 2019


Just before we went on holidays to the coast, my husband asked me to take our kids for a long walk.