12 January 2023

92: Eating the Christmas Tree

I'm about to take the decorations off our 2022 Christmas tree. 

My husband cuts down a pine every year. 

The tree gets close to the high ceiling.

Last birthday, my son gave me a baby blue budgie.

He imitates the whistles of 12 different birds.

He says hello constantly. 

He chatters away when the covers are off.

I thought he might like to be in a real tree for a change. 

I popped him up into the decorations. 

The first time, he was fine.

He didn't want to get off my shoulder at first; then liked it. 

I took some photos and left him alone.

But, the second time all chirping stopped. 

That was unusual. 

When I saw him again, his beak was green. 

He'd been eating the Christmas Tree. 

He looked sick.

It was some strange compulsion, he couldn't stop. 

He refused to hop on my finger, or get out of the tree. 

Climbing higher into the center.

He went out of my range.

He wasn't being an Angel.

A bit of a devil bird really.

I wasn't getting on a ladder.

Or falling off one.

I've just had major knee surgery.

It got later. And darker. 

I urged the little blighter to come back with food offerings.

Nah, he looked sicker. 

I stood beneath the tree for 30 minutes while he munched.

It was mindless, like me with chocolates over Christmas.

I was wondering if pine resin was toxic.

He still hadn't chirped.

Given his name, of course, he tried to get up high. 

Angels always belong at the top of the Christmas Tree.

Angel almost choked-one pine needle too many. 

He let out a weak noise. 

A bird version of 'ick'.

I wasn't sure if he'd live through 2023.

But, he's back chirping continually like a mad, manic bird.

Saying hello, 15 times every 15 minutes.

Imbibing that tree didn't have any long-term consequences.

I'm glad. 

Happy New Year from me.

Plus, a big hello from Angel. 

The only pet ever who tried to eat a Christmas Tree. 

And, my prettiest decoration.

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