15 August 2021

90: Glowing Green

I visited my next-door neighbours this morning. Photographing Musk Lorikeets gorging on honey in the flowering gum tree in their yard.

This afternoon, all NSW went into Coronavirus lockdown. 
Regardless, it couldn’t put a dampener on the bright green Loris I saw.

If you’re locked down or tired of the pandemic, come and see some acrobats.


The camouflage birds.

Flighty little things that shine and glow with vitality.

Bright beauties that drink and chirp at the same time.

Feathery things intent on guzzling sugar, they don’t realise you’ve crept closer. 

Musk Lorikeets with blue crowns are males.

The females wear turquoise green hats.

Nomadic birds, they go wherever gum trees are flowering. 

Staying only as long as the nectar in the blossom.


These birds were so plump full of sugar they seemed hyperactive.

 Drinking from the pale lemon flowers, blooming just before spring.


So lively, theyre exquisite to watch, even when theyre in hiding.


Watching them made me forget there was such a thing as Coronavirus.

Thanks to my neighbours for morning tea and the photo opportunity!


Lockdowns will end, things will always get better.

Rainbow coloured birds will still fly and fill the trees with soft chattering.

We can still feel joy that there’s such enchanting creatures to see in our world. 



  1. Thank you Therese for showing us the beauty of these creatures during these difficult times of covid and demonstrating your fabulous knowledge of them. The photos are beautiful. Well done.

    1. Thanks Mary, hope you and your family are keeping safe and well in 2022. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that this will be the year where Covid is reduced to something like the flu, only we get vaccinated every 6 months so we don't have to worry about it. Love from Therese