16 June 2019


There isn’t usually screaming at 6:30 am at our place. But a flock of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos went on a flypast and then there was.

Two stayed behind to nibble the seeds off Cypress Pine trees.
Both Cockatoos had a good time.  

How do I know? 

They went on screeching, hanging upside down or sideways by one claw, their yellow crests raised as they munched pine nuts for nearly an hour. 

It’s a pretty good indication.
Cocky broke a branch and held it in its claw.

A long way off, it was photogenic, performing like a clown. You could even say it was cocky.

Cockatoos are brash, loud, brave and destructive. In a large flock they’re even worse.  Some gouged out the wood from our western red cedar door once; just for fun.

I love You-tube videos of pet Cockatoos biting their way out of plastic pet carriers when being transported to the vets. The birds always look bashful afterwards, as if it could not be them who ate a massive hole in the container.

One Sulphur-crested Cocky was over 80 years old when he passed away at London Zoo. Thousands of people grew up seeing it every time they visited.

Highly intelligent, captive Cockatoos entertain themselves by learning to copy other birds, humans or animal sounds. They can learn to mimic anything, even pick up accents off TV.

Cockatoo beaks are super strong and super destructive.  These birds can take a small peck out of every piece of fruit, dropping the few they partially eat on the ground to spoil. We lost practically every apricot on a tree that spanned 4 x 4 metres one year.

When I lived in Victoria, a friend of  mine still lived in her family home. Their Cocky George confused the dogs by alternatively barking or calling them over. The pups were bewildered.
George laughed, waiting five minutes to do it again with the same outcome. 

An imitator, it also called the cat for dinner by dinging his beak on the cage bars. The feline looked pretty sour about it, refusing to be duped as often as the dogs. George just waited awhile before trying  again. He loved seeing the puss sulk, prowl and wag her tail beneath the cage.

Thought it was funny until heading inside the house once. Screamed at to shut the bloody door, it sounded so much like a man, I jumped, blushed and started to apologise for letting the screen bang closed. 

When everyone giggled, I realised I had been fooled by the big old bird. It sounded so authentic, I had trouble believing it. George had a wicked sense of humour; probably the reason they all adored him.
Cocky with a pine needle moustache.

This morning the birds were fine. 

There were no problems with the two fellas  performing acrobatics while eating and screaming at the same time. Hiding out in the branches and swinging from the spindly ones.

All non-violent, which is always a plus when it comes to cocky bastards everywhere.


  1. Always remember never punish your puppy if he messes in his crate. puppy crate

    1. I never would. I love puppies, all baby animals except maybe goannas and snakes are pretty adorable really.