16 April 2019


Halfway through dawn 
birds chime in,
singing in a fresh, 
mid-autumn day.
Greeting each other;              
sweetly tweeting each other,
saying hello 
and good to see you 
as they make first flights.

Alighting from branches,                  
they rouse their friends,
who want to sleep again,
with harsh, scolding chirps.

The sky lighter now,
sounds and songs grow    
to fill the air with                           
unwritten music
as more birds join in
the morning canticle.   

Cooing Peaceful Doves,
Rosellas chattering,
Swallows darting,
Finches cheeping,
and chirruping
because they can.                     

Honeyeaters appear         
ready to devour
lemon pink Grevilleas;
to suck out nectar
while pre-dawn dew still
glistens on leaves, shrubs,
and every blade of grass;
making jewels in my garden. 

Cockatoos screech; 
being noisy angels 
with golden crowns, 
flying past to announce
their celestial presence.

I rest my eyes again,
lulled back to sleep
by the birdsong.

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