11 May 2019


Diamond Firetail Finches are tiny. 

Courageous little fellas, they don’t like sharing a bath with other birds.

They love making a splash.

Their white diamonds shine.

They have red hot fires in their tail feathers.

They bounce, skipping and skating along the grass as if lighter than air.

Sporting dark masks like Zorro across their foreheads, they are the wild avengers of my garden.  

The cheeping they do is cute.

But, like all super heroes they are daring.

They cringe when another bird bombs onto the bath.
These finches are not easily intimidated, they are confident enough to stay put when bigger birds fly past.

And, I love them. 

What’s not to love about birds called Firetails?


  1. Mary F12 May

    Great story, photos and videos showing the beauty of these birds. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you, I love to watch these little cheepers. They have a mighty big cute factor going on.

  2. Thanks Thérèse. Send a couple to England and I'll send you some waxwings.

    1. That is a highly illegal proposition Deep Dene. I thank you for your comment but do not condone finch smuggling. Besides, it would be damn near impossible to catch these little blighters as they move at the speed of masked avengers in the movies. Though perhaps, I would love to listen to you wax lyrical about Waxwings any day.

    2. Yes Ms T, I know I could never have any of your finches and I would never really ask for them - though I do know a pair of budgie smugglers. Bear in mind though that since reading this post, I have also asked for a family of koalas and that was a serious request.

      By the way, I don't know if "budgie smugglers" translates in Oz but if not, it would be worth looking it up. Jokes are always better when you have to explain them.

    3. I think we invented the words Budgie Smugglers. This brief item of swimwear was ruined by a former Prime Minister and fitness guy who just got voted out of his seat. NO birds, finches or my dear budgies will be harmed if I can help it, let alone smuggled. The mere thought of it has me in a tizz.